Injections are a common cause of anxiety regarding dental treatment. We understand this, and will do everything we can to make you feel calm and relaxed when you come to see us.

At Buchanan Dental Care, there are 3 main things that we do to ensure that injections are as comfortable as possible:

  1. The gum is numbed first with topical anaesthetic gel. We use fruit-flavoured gel with a high local anaesthetic concentration(Benzocaine 20%). Flavours range from raspberry jam to mango!
  2. The local anaesthetic is warmed up to body temperature, to avoid the shock of cold liquid being injected.
  3. The anaesthetic is injected extremely slowly and gently. This is the most important thing- doing it quickly makes it painful.



You will not be shown the needle unless you specifically request to see it- we find our patients relax more when they don’t!