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The Buchanan Dental Team advises patients to replace fillings only when worn, broken or decaying. Many patients prefer tooth-coloured filings and these have been routinely provided for front teeth for many years. New materials allow us to offer very successful, long lasting tooth coloured (“white”) filings for back teeth. These materials have strength comparable to silver fillings, are made from a mix of glass particles and resin (“mercury-free”) and bonded to your tooth with a strong dental adhesive.

It is not always possible to place a white filling, depending on the size of the filling and where the tooth is placed, but they can be used to improve your smile and appearance in photographs and in person. If a white filling is not possible, your dentist may advise a crown or inlay/ onlay as way to improve strength and appearance. The life expectancy of a white filling, as with all your natural teeth, depends on how you look after it, your bite and what foodstuffs / liquids you consume.

White fillings range in cost depending on their size / place in the mouth and the time they take to carry out.